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    This 12.5 inch blade 5 chirras panawal angkhola kukri is similar to an Ang Khola but with 5 fullers. It is made in Angkhola village (eastern Nepal). This khukuri, however, has aunique blade & handle, making the blade a little broader. The Bow and Arrow symbol on the ricasso shows that this was made by Bashu Kami (The bladesmith working under Ex-Gurkha Khukuri House Nepal). I etched this blade to show the hamon line (harder metal shows up as bright, softer metal shows up as dark when an acid is applied to it). The hardened area is consistent and runs from the tip to just before the cho, an ideal khukuri hamon. As a result of the acid etch though, I've taken this from it's original polish down to a 200 grit satin. I filed down the ring in the middle of the handle this is full tank blade. The blade is therefore visible all around the handle. The handle has been joined strongly to the blade which we can also be seen at the sides. The handle of this khukuri is full tang. The blade is made of Highly Graded Carbon with balanced temper on the edge of the blade therefore its very strong. This blade can be used to chop wood , bone cleaning bushes. All Khukuris have two pockets on the back of the scabbard which hold a blunt steel called "chakmak" for sharpening the blade or for striking spark from flint and a little knife known as "karda" used for skinning small animals such as rabbits. The notch (kaura or kaudi) in the blade near the hilt of most khukurisserves as conduit for the blood on the blade to drip out, thus preventing it from soiling the hilt, as well as a device for catching and neutralizing and enemy blade.

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Blade Size and Type 12.5 inch (31.25cm) Handmade and Polished blade.
    Handle Size and Type 6 inch (15cm) Rosewood Fulll tang handle.
    Upper Spine 14mm.
    Lower Spine 9mm.
    Handle Circumference 5 inch.
    Belly 2.6 inch(6.5cm).
    Hardness of steel spine=22-25 RC, belly=45-46 RC, edge=54-55 RC.
    Weight(Gms) 1500.0000


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