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EGKH Supplements (Small but Imp)

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    It is another interesting and exclusive item introduced by EGKH. This khukuri keyring is suitable for token gift to some one you love. It is normal keyring but shape in of khukuri without any edge at all. The objective is to make kukri an everyday part of your life, to support our slogan "Kukree Your World". The replica kukri is made from white metal and key holder is fitted to the handle. Completely handmade, it is actually the replica of the most famous version the World War. Learn More


    This is Krada And Chakmak. One of the knives, KARDA, has a sharp edge forged for cutting and skinning activities and the other, CHAKMAK, has blunt edges on both sides for sharpening. Both knives have steel/brass bolster and butt cap for durability and better look. The hidden tag goes all the way through the wooden/horn handle and is secured by a keeper from outside as seen in the picture. Most contemporary kukri knives would not be complete without these two knives. There is four type and size Krada And Chakmak please choose which one you would like to buy and contact us via email. If you weould like to have any other size Krada And Chakmak for your khukuri please contact us via email we will make you custom Krada And Chakmak. Learn More


    Ex Gurkha Khukuri House also sells a set of maintenance tools to let you maintain and prolong your khukuri’s life span. This small but crucial item helps an owner or a buyer to look after his khukuri easily and effectively by using proper materials in a very easy and quick manner. Here is Oil, Sandpaper, Polish, Brasso, Sharpening Stone, Wiping soft cloth for keeping maintain your blade and sheath. Learn More


    This is 11 inch Regular Scabbard (Xtra case for your kukri). Since a leather scabbard is somewhat sensitive to the outside temperature and weather plus it may wear off soon with excessive use it is highly recommended to have an extra or a back up scabbard for your khukuri. Sometimes there is also a possibility that the sharp edge of the kukri blade may cut through the leather making it unsafe to use anymore. Ignoring such fault may lead to some serious damage to finger as the two inner wooden frames used to making the scabbard leave a small elongated gap that only gets wrapped/covered by the buffalo leather. In a case like this an extra scabbard would come very useful to continue and complete an assignment. If you weould like to have any other size scabbard for your khukuri please contact us via email we will make you custom scabbard. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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